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Up-2-Us support services for young people target the times when more is needed, when existing supports have ended or do not fit any more and there are gaps that hinder the young person's progress.

Transitions & Youth Justice for Young Women

Time for Change is a community based service characterised by a relationship and strength based approach. Support workers are accessible 24/7 to provide young women with planned and crisis support when it is needed. 

Referrals are open to young women and young transgender women aged 13-25, from agencies such as Social Work, Young Offenders Institutes, or individuals themselves. The service works throughout West Central Scotland.  

Up-2-Us supports young women at stages of chaos, challenge and harm, through successes and setbacks over flexible time periods. We know that it can take time to get things right; to reduce substance use, stop re-offending, find a house, have safe partners, try new things, build confidence, engage in learning or work, and recover from trauma. Up-2-Us sticks with young women through their journey and uses a holistic method to help them find belonging and positive networks from which to grow. 


The Up-2-Us Board identified a particular need to support very high risk and vulnerable girls and young women. Recognising that this was a group with multiple and complex needs, often characterised by trauma, abuse and multiple moves in care. In 2010 Time for Change (TfC) developed from a small 1 year gender led initiative based on agreement between Scottish Government and HMP Cornton Vale that more needed to be done for young women on remand. Now in 2017 TfC has grown into an intensive, holistic transitional support service intercepting young women going in or coming out of Care, Secure Accommodation, Psychiatric Inpatient Wards and Prison. 

Enquiry & Referral from:

Manager - Emma Wilcox  07966 778669
Tel 01355 263358 

email emma.wilcox@u-2-u.org

Up-2-Us recognises that sometimes families and young people need time out and space to think. We provide 24/7 staffed accommodation and linked outreach support for these young people and their parents /carers.

Up-2-Us has space to accommodate up to seven young people across two houses. Accommodation is usually considered for up to 100 days per year, though not more than 28 days in one period. However, we also have the option of providing space for young people longer term on a case by case basis. Referrals are accepted for young people up to eighteen years from across Scotland. However we seek to be used as a local resource.

Placement can be planned or crisis, as part of transition or prevention planning. We work with referrers to keep young people in the community where appropriate if they are at risk of being secured and aim to help foster safe and healthy relationships so that young people return to their preferred place of care.


Our approach is about putting in place routines, working with challenging behaviours, providing learning opportunities, and helping to make sense of family difficulties. We build on what's working so we will arrange continued attendance at school or other activity and appointments that are important in the Care Plan.  


Enquiry & referral from: 
Manager Sylvia Rennie -
Tel 07891491888 or sylvia@u-2-u.org

Preventative & Accommodation Services
Peer Mentoring & Lived Experience
Up-2-Us believes that services must be informed by individuals who have been through it, know what works and what does not and can be helpful in guiding others. Young people respond to someone who has real experience of what they are going through, and not all support workers have this. We think that having access to someone who has been through similar life experiences will help service users to consider the choices they have and understand that life can be different. 
With funding from Life Changes Trust Up-2-Us has been able to establish a volunteer project to bring together individuals who have care experience and have been through the Children's Hearing System. Volunteers and service users benefit jointly and learn from each other.  
Enquiry & Referral from:
Manager Mairi Tulbure  - Tel 01355263358 or mairi.tubure@u-2-u.org or
Manager - Neil Jack - Tel 07976011702 or neil@u-2-u.org

Early Intervention & Family Work

Integrated Child and Family support is offered to vulnerable individuals and siblings at risk of further or uptariffed statutory involvement. We offer 1-2-1 relational based support in this remit accross West of Scotland working with Health, Education, Social Services and Police to maintain young people in the community, at school, and help parents understand their children and their behaviours better. 

 As with all Up-2-Us services, service users have 24/7 365 day access.

Enquiry & Referral from: Manager - Neil Jack 

Tel 07976011702 or neil@u-2-u.org

Activity Workers

Providing fun and engaging activities, they work alongside support workers to offer additional time to young people. They aim to bolster social skills and promote positive ways to spend free time including valuing special interests and hobbies.

'Up-2-Us is committed to playing its part in delivering a focused, continuous set of services to ensure that extremely vulnerable and high risk children and young people receive the intensive, flexible care and support they need in order to improve their life chances and reach stable maturity' 

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